Curtis’ Speech:

Ladies and Gentlemen… thank you all for being here on this very special day.  There are some important people I’d like to introduce to you before we get started:  My mom and dad – Percy and Ruth… my wife, Brenda… and our children, Bryan, Jennifer, Scott and Hayden.

Brenda and I have spent much time in thought, prayer and discussion… and today… I am announcing that I am a candidate for Lubbock County Judge.

I am a fifth-generation West Texan… My parents and my grandparents and my great-grandparents before me, taught me that service to my community is one of the greatest things you can do.    I love this land… and I love the people of these communities.   

My love for West Texas… my education… and my experience have led to this calling to be the next Lubbock County Judge.

The job of the Lubbock County Judge is part administrative and part judicial…

As an administrator…  I will provide leadership to the Commissioners Court in making sure we are good stewards of an over 107 million dollar budget of taxpayer money… and as your County Judge… I will provide leadership to the Court, making sure every single dollar is budgeted wisely to meet the needs of all of our citizens.

The other part of being County Judge is judicial… and this part just happens to be about 75 percent of the job… presiding over probates, guardianships and mental incompetency hearings for Lubbock County…   After graduating from the Texas Tech School of Law, I dedicated my practice to serving my clients in the area of probates and estate planning, guardianships, business, public and constitutional law – the very specializations needed as Lubbock County Judge.

This makes me uniquely qualified to serve the needs of our growing County.

As your Lubbock County Judge, not only will I be your voice here in this courtroom…  but I also will be the voice:

For all communities in our County – Lubbock, Shallowater, New Deal, Idalou, Acuff, Roosevelt, Ransom Canyon, Slaton, Woodrow and Wolfforth…  Each of our communities are unique…

but there are many things that bind us together…  These include our desire to feel safe and secure in our homes… our need for well maintained roads… and for sound fiscal conservative management of our county resources.

As your Lubbock County Judge… I will be the voice for our volunteer fire departments and our Sheriff’s department by giving them all the tools, equipment and training they need to keep us safe and secure in our homes… These are your Lubbock County first responders.

Often we see our State and Federal governments ignore the needs of our West Texas communities…  As Lubbock County Judge… I will be the voice for your interests in Austin and in Washington, D.C…. to remind our state and federal leaders that – among other things – our County is rich in natural resources such as food, fiber and fuel. 

Having worked in both the State Senate and House of Representatives… I have the experience necessary to promote the needs and values of our County.

Today is a special day… and I’m honored to have you here as I make this announcement…

The job of Lubbock County Judge truly is one of servant leadership…  It is a role that I do not take lightly…  I will not only be the VOICE for Lubbock County… but I will also be a LISTENER to YOUR voice… Together we will be stronger as we move to the future for our children and grandchildren.

I ask to be your voice and I ask for your vote as your next Lubbock County Judge.

Thank you and God bless you.