There’s no doubt it is Curtis Parrish’s calling to run for Lubbock County Judge. During the course of the campaign, we hope you will have a chance to meet him in person at any one of the many events that take place around the county.

His goal is to meet as many of you as he possibly can. After all, running for Lubbock County Judge is not something he takes lightly. You’ll often hear him say he wants to be the voice for Lubbock County in the position of County Judge; but he also ends his sentence by saying that he also wants to hear your voice.

We invite you to stay engaged on this website as we bring you Curtis’s media interviews on radio, television and in print whenever we are given permission by outlets.

Recently, Curtis was invited to be a guest on KAMC’s “Talking Points” with Bryan Mudd. The Sunday program highlights political issues that affect us all. Curtis was featured in one segment to discuss why he’s running for Lubbock County Judge, what he sees as most important in the position and why he’d like your vote.

Please watch “Talking Points” 11/19 segment, courtesy of KAMC…