Curtis Parrish is ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work for Lubbock County as our next Lubbock County Judge. We ask voters to stay focused for this very important 2018 runoff race as early voting runs May 14-18 and Election Day is May 22.

We ask your vote to be Curtis Parrish as the choice to be the voice for Lubbock County Judge.

We invite you to hear multiple testimonials for Curtis Parrish during the coming days. First is George McMahan, long-time community leader and land developer. George also is known for his passion for community and knowledge of government. His testimony in support of Curtis Parrish for Lubbock County Judge will help voters understand the position of Lubbock County Judge and why Curtis Parrish is the best man for the position.

In later testimonies, we encourage you to stay tuned to Former City Councilwoman Phyllis Jones-Beasley, who stands firm in her support of Curtis Parrish and explains in detail why Curtis is the best leader for our future in this upcoming 2018 runoff. You’ll also hear from Matthew Harris, attorney-at-law, who explains why an attorney is best-suited to be our next Lubbock County Judge; Bradley Madison, a small business owner, who will discuss the importance of Curtis’s business knowledge and why he supports Curtis as Lubbock County Judge; Maurice Stanley, long-time political guru and well-loved barber – who always has his pulse on the political arena – also will provide his testimony for Curtis Parrish. And, Rufus Martinez, beloved community leader, will also share why he believes Curtis Parrish is the man for the job as voters push their button in this very important 2018 runoff race for Lubbock County Judge.

Be sure to let your voice be heard!

George McMahan

"Getting To Know Curtis Parrish"

Phyllis Jones-Beasley

"Servant's Heart"

Maurice Stanley

"Picking Candidates"

Matthew Harris

"Contested Matters"

George McMahan

"Fiscally Conservative"

Rufus Martinez

“The Man for the Job”

Bradley Madison


George McMahan

"Appraisal Creep"